Mission Statement.


There is a need for radical changes in the way we plan for, design and build homes, to render them affordable and environmentally sustainable.

The planning system is largely a hangover from feudal attitudes towards land ownership. No towns are sustainable. Most countryside is losing humus, topsoil and biodiversity. Several generations have now grown up in towns and cities, with very few survival skills and little appreciation of our essential connection with the earth and with nature.


I consider these problems to be critical and fundamental. What l and my partner decided to do about it was to build our own eco-home on a farm being run as a sustainable community, using the principles of permaculture to give us a home with a 'one planet' ecological footprint and right livelihood. l also designed the house to be beautiful and comfortable, so that others might be inspired to do likewise.


This roundhouse challenges the false assumption that people are bad for the countryside, and dares you to ask for, and design for yourself, the home you deserve.

Tony Wrench

the Roundhouse, November 2016

Some quotes:

"Land use planning is an important delivery mechanism for the Assembly's Sustainable Development Scheme."
Carwyn Jones AM, Minister for Environment, Planning and the Countryside; letter, 28.9.2004

"Sustainability is treating the earth as if we intend to stay."
Nic Wheeler, Chief Executive, Pembs Coast Nat. Park Authority, on their website.

"Sustainable Development has emerged as the overarching objective of the planning system in the last decade."
Martina Dunne, Development plans Officer for the National park, in a submission on new Low Impact policy 50.

"With regard to the claimed sustainable nature of the appeal dwelling, bearing in mind that all new development should be sustainable, this is not of substantial weight."
Ian Osborne, Planning Inspector for the Welsh Assembly, in para. 9.9 in his report on this Roundhouse, 25.01.01

"Before long you won't have any countryside left because these people will be building these things all over the place."
Ms Cathy Milner, Senior Development Control Officer at the National Park, to the Guardian, Feb.16, 2004.

See also Permaculture Land.

dream drawing by Emma Czelusta

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