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Here are a few links to organisations or people having their main focus as natural building, low impact development, permaculture or earthright living:

Volunteer to work on a natural building project or ask for volunteers for your project
Roundwood timber frames DVD with Ben Law
Living in the Future - videos about ecovillages
Brithdir Mawr website
New Lammas - an ecovillage in West Wales and platform for more
Simon and Jasmine's exquisite house in West Wales
Permaculture Services in the Lake District

Permaculture courses run by Chris Evans and Looby McNamara

Threshold Centre co-housing project in Dorset, England
A new co-housing group set up in Bridport, Dorset, England
Kaieteur Blog - brilliant and very up to date

Year of Mud - Straw Bale building workshops and a Timber Framing workshop in an ecovillage in northeast Missouri

Eco-Footprinting in Wales, plus calculate your own
LILI - a non-profit organisation promoting practical ways that you can reduce your impact on the environment, learn new skills, save money and have fun.
Chapter7 - Access to land for low impact housing; planning experts
Low Impact News
Chris Dixon's great site - a permaculture smallholding in N.Wales.
Diggers and Dreamers - directory of communities in the UK
Cob Cottage - Natural Builders in the US - over 50 pics of cob houses
Ecoforums - network of sustainable solutions
Permaculture Magazine - info, books, courses and articles
Permaculture Association
Ragmans Lane Farm - source of education and inspiration
Hockerton Housing Project - ecohousing, community and more
Eurotopia - directory of ecovillages and communities in Europe
Ecovillage Network
Caroline Barry's low impact house, with planning permission
New sustainable living centre in Ohio, USA
Catalyst Collective - Co-ops, radical routes, green links,portugal
Cariboo Blades - Handmade tools of high quality made sustainably in British Columbia
Strawbale Building
Self Sufficient-ish - a site with loads of good ideas and links
Natural Homes - a lovely international source of images and info
Ecohab - Mobile prefabricated round homes for sale

And here are a few sites for real time fun and relaxation:
Unicorn Camps
Dance Camp Wales
Campscene Directory


If you think things could change with green politicians:

Calculate your carbon Footprint:


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