That Roundhouse

the roundhouse, Spring Equinox, 2014

Hello. Welcome to That Roundhouse. This is an ecohome of wood frame, cobwood and recycled window walls, straw-insulated turf roof; with solar power and wind turbine for electricity, compost toilet and reed beds for grey water. We designed and built it over the winter 1997/8, and it was turned down for planning permission several times. After several court appearances, we decided to demolish it over Easter 2004, but changed our minds after demonstrations of huge public support in its defence. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority attempted to get a court injunction to force us to demolish it, but were persuaded to allow it to stay up until July 2006, when we could re-apply under their new Low Impact Policy. Our new application was considered for six months as we negotiated over all the points of the policy that we had to satisfy. After a refusal in 2007 and several deferrals while Faith (was Jane) worked on a joint application with Emma who lives in a roundhouse across the fields, in Sept 2008 the committee voted to give us and her planning permission, conditional for three years. We signed a s.106 agreement agreeing to stay within the terms of our management plan in June, 2013, so now have a three year temporary permission from then. So here we still are. A low impact roundhouse.

The roundhouse, January 2016

Please browse around this site. Plenty of pictures, history and updates. If you want to build a house like this, I am preparing stuff to include more up to date ideas on uprights, roofs, etc. Planning law is also evolving fast. The stuff is likely to take the form of a new book A Simple Roundhouse Manual. One chapter from this book, on Materials, is here.
In the meantime, the courses page and reciframes page below try to stay up to date on these subjects.

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How To...A Simple Roundhouse Manual, and courses

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How to Build a Reciprocal Frame Roof

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the planning Story up to July 2002
Story Part 2 - July-Dec 2002,
Story Part 3 - 2003
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 the den, January 2009

the Roundhouse, January, 2014

inside the Roundhouse, January, 2014

the den, Feb 09